Meet Abbie

Owner + Senior Planner & Designer

Hey guys! I am Abbie and I am the founder and owner of ACH Events. I am so thankful you have made it to this page to get to know our team. We are a unique team of amazing women that love helping people marry the love of their life. 


If you haven't met me yet, you should know that the first time you meet me, it will start and finish with a hug. You should also know that I love queso and pizza, Shania Twain mixed with some Adele, traveling, and being outside on a beautiful day. I get my entrepreneurial spirit from my grandmother who operated her own catering company for years before shifting gears to selling and designing high-end clothing. I am best at doing what I love the most - planning dream weddings, leading a successful team, and raising the bar in the wedding industry.


Planning and designing weddings is a huge passion of mine and I believe there is nothing better than watching my client’s dreams come true right as they are about to walk down the aisle! I love sharing my knowledge on how to stay on track with a budget, and help each client find unique details to make their day or event special.  I love all things events, but weddings hold a special place in my heart. Life is all about family and love and that starts with marriage. Watching two lives become one is the start to an incredible journey, one that I absolutely love being a part of.

I am a wife to an incredible man I am fortunate enough to call my husband, and a mother to the sweetest little boy, Kieran. I am a dog-mom to an adorable mutt and a sister to four irreplaceable brothers. My family is definitely the reason I am so excited for clients to get married. My goal is that each client gets to experience the same love and joy from starting and growing a family that I have.


Meet Melissa

Senior Planner + Coordinator

Melissa brings the spunky upbeat personality and impeccable organization skills to the the team. She is known to make things happen with a smile on her face. She definitely considers herself a people person. She loves meeting new people and entertaining company whether that be planning birthdays, hosting baby/wedding showers, or hosting BBQ's at the house. Melissa enjoys the planning process, designing, and creating something even better than the client envisioned. One of her favorite things about wedding planning is helping the client create a vision that is unique to their personality and style. A wedding should be an extension of the client and not fit into a cookie-cutter formula.


Weddings can be very overwhelming and stressful, and you can struggle with finding a place to start. That's where we come in! Getting married is such a magical experience, and no matter what your needs are during the process and on your day, this multitask master and mom of two will always be there for you! She cannot wait to be a part of such an amazing day and experience your wedding day with you. HAPPY WEDDING! 


Senior Planner + Coordinator

Meet Mikayla

Mikayla recently returned to her home state of Texas after living and working in the hospitality industry in The Big Apple for almost two years. Before moving to NYC, she attended Texas State University and worked in and around the Austin area, so she’s super familiar with the area and all the fun places Austin has to offer! Let's just say Mikayla keeps our team hip and young.

Mikayla is the type of gal who makes things happen. You want or need it, she's got you. It is a joy and passion of hers to make people happy! And because she believes that the little things matter just as much as the big things do, she’ll make sure you check every box on your list and that you do so with a smile on your face. Mikayla has incredible customer service and she loves creating a bond that is more than just a client/professional relationship. If you are lucky enough to have Mikayla as your wedding planner, you will probably find yourself planning while grabbing dinner or drinks and feel like you have your best friend right beside you before you walk down the aisle. She is your wedding best friend!


Meet Hannah

Planner + Coordinator

As a recent graduate of Texas State University with a bachelors in Public Relations, Hannah brings a young perspective to the team. 


She spent the last three years working in the greater Austin area wedding industry, while additionally helping out with some of the city’s best event-based businesses such as C3 and Do512. Se believes she was born to hold a clipboard and work to ensure people to have an exceptional event experience. From high school Prom Club to college radio station music festivals, event planning has stuck with her, and she continues to fall more and more in love with the rush, challenges and pleasure every unique event brings.

Hannah feels it’s an honor to be a part of every couple’s wedding day and she loves exploring the differences each individual bride and groom bring to the table. She finds extreme joy in perfecting the little things to ensure a flawless day to be experienced and remembered with your newlywed.

Outside of work, she enjoys supporting local music, baking extravagant cakes and all things on the river. She is a loving cat mom to one and plant mom to many.


Customer Relations

Meet Morgan

Morgan comes to us from Beaumont, Texas, where she was born and raised. She moved to the Austin area at the beginning of 2016 and has never looked back! She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography and a minor in Art History. Morgan is a dog mom to a little Shih Tzu named Levi, who she adores. She believes in finding laughter in everything and throws kindness around like confetti.

You can think of Morgan as our go-to gal. This woman keeps us all in line, keeps all books organized, and allows the planning and designing team to focus on the client's vision and dreams. She is the back bones to the business and we couldn't operate without her. 

In addition to running the back end of the business, Morgan is our lead photographer for our sister company, Gro Group. 

Let's all give it up for Morgan!