What We Do For Our Clients:

The answer is simple. We allow you to enjoy both the wedding planning process and your wedding day to its fullest from start to finish.

  • We take the stress out of your wedding day so you are able to soak up and enjoy every special moment.

  • We recommend and secure your dream team of vendors who complement your style, personality and budget.

  • We deliver creative design and capture your personality to craft the wedding day you’ve always envisioned.

  • We prepare our couples with the information and detail they need to fully understand how their wedding day will unfold, leaving no questions unasked.

  • We are on top of every detail so you can focus on getting married, not the behind-the-scenes logistics.

  • We proactively anticipate issues that could have spelled disaster and provide solutions even before guests arrive.

  • We show patience and grace while coordinating with family, friends and other guests. Our feathers are rarely ruffled!

  • We help you create a cohesive team of vendors and ensure that the look and experience was exactly what you envision.

We are your professional friend!

How does this whole thing work:

That is the million-dollar question. What we do is sometimes hard to visualize because the service we provide is truly intangible. We aren’t giving you beautiful photos or a dream bouquet. Our job is to pull all of these memorable details together and make them work seamlessly together to create your perfectly unique experience.


What is a wedding planner?

Wedding Planner: Starts at the beginning of the planning process before most vendors are chosen. A Wedding Planner creates a custom wedding vision with the couple, assists in selecting the wedding venue, and builds a team based on clients budget, style and personality. It is the wedding planner’s role to refer vendors, manage the budget and keep all the little details organized so the couple doesn't have to.

What is a wedding coordinator?

A Wedding Coordinator: Typically starts about 60 days prior to the wedding and meets with the couple about 1-2 times. The Coordinator's role is to take the plans of the couple and bring all the details and logistics together then creates a detailed plan, which is written and verbally communicated and confirmed to the wedding vendor team at least a week prior.

A wedding coordinator is hired after the majority of the vendors have already been selected. The coordinator’s role is to pull all those pieces together and to make sure every detail flows together seamlessly on the wedding day.

What does an average wedding cost?

It all depends! Most of our couples are spending anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000+. However, there are many of factors to consider; guest count, venue, catering style, etc... This is something we are experts in and can assist you in creating a realistic budget.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Absolutely! We carry a 1 million liability coverage. We encourage all your vendors to carry insurance as well.