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Five Favorite Wedding Day Details

Between visiting venues and testing out your favorite cake, it is easy to forget some of the smaller details to make your wedding day as special and perfect as it can be! One of my favorite pieces of advice to engaged couples is to plan the wedding that you want with the details that matter to you. Guests will love the uniqueness and it will make the day that much more special for the two of you.

Music –

Get creative with your ceremony music list that you either give to your DJ or your ceremony musician. Do you and your fiancé have a favorite song you love to jam out to in the car that is upbeat? Use it for the ceremony recessional! Along the same lines, do you love the piano? Then hire a pianist for an hour to play before, during, and after the ceremony. You typically only need to contract them for an hour, and it is a minimal hit to your budget. Using songs that have a greater significance to you will naturally make the day more special!

Special Time for the Bride and Groom –

Schedule time in your day to spend a few minutes alone. I always recommend this to the bride and groom and it is always a hit! Step away for 15 minutes to eat dinner alone in the bridal suite before your grand entrance into the reception, or if you want to eat with your guests, plan 10 minutes in the bridal suite or groom suite with just the two of you to kiss and hug and indulge in the fact that you are officially married before all the partying and celebration begins. One of my favorites is a special dance at the end of the night while all of the guests line up for the send off. Schedule a song for the DJ to play, and have one last dance to end the night with just you and your spouse. Plus, it will give the photographer the opportunity to get one last romantic shot.

Guest Book –

If you are okay with branching out from the traditional wedding scene, then branch out with your guest book! There are plenty of ways to make a completely original guest book that you and your fiancé can use years after your wedding, instead of a book that just sits on a shelf. One of my personal favorites was a bench that a groom made for a bride and had it sitting out by the welcome table to have each guest sign. The bride and groom have a gorgeous backyard, and now the bench will be a special piece that will always remind them of their wedding day. If you are looking to add a fun piece of wall décor to your new home together, hire a calligrapher to make a wooden sign to have on the sign in table and have guests sign the wood and hang it on your wall to enjoy for years!

Cake/Sweets Table –

It is extremely easy to ride on the side of caution when it comes to the cake table. The Pinterest worthy cakes are absolutely gorgeous, but also come with a hefty price. I love to encourage the bride and groom to incorporate something original or their favorite sweet into the cake table. Guests absolutely love the change up, and it allows the bride and groom to eat something they truly love on the biggest day of their lives. I have seen a bride surprise the groom with a Whataburger cake that was the talk of the night. I have also had a bride order Round Rock Donuts to be the complimentary sweet towards the end of the reception with coffee, because who doesn’t love Round Rock Donuts? My favorite was when a bride and groom brought in Amy’s Ice Cream, local here to Austin, TX, because Amy’s was a staple in their relationship as they started dating. Regardless, the cake table does not always have to be just cake – there are so many other fun options to choose!

Favors –

Wedding favors are definitely not a necessity but can be a very fun way to let the bride and groom’s personality shine through. Does your grandma have a famous jam recipe? Have her make mini jam in mason jars, tie a cute note with a bow, and leave them out for guests to take with them! The guest will enjoy the yummy jam for months to come and it won’t go to waste like some favors can. Love chocolate? Personalize a chocolate bar with your names and picture for people to take with and enjoy. Serving beer cans or bottles at your wedding? One of the easiest ways to personalize your wedding favor is to print a unique design or saying on a koozie for your guests to take and enjoy every time they enjoy a beer at home.

Focus on what makes you and your fiancé, you! And try to incorporate your favorite foods, obsessions, and hobbies into the day. Whatever details you have left in the planning process, let this list inspire to cater your wedding to you and your fiancé’s tastes and personalities!

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